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Program Descriptions


The Edge's most in depth program. 2 practices per week. 1.5 hour team practices paired with a 1 hour positional practice for maximum skill development. Average 2 tournaments per month. Participate in one of the area power leagues. Compete in at least 1 national qualifier. Season goes from October/November (depending on when IHSA season ends) and finishes in June. We take a 2-3 week break in May for the athletes to step away and finish their school year. All full season high school teams participate at AAU Nationals in Orlando Florida at the end of June (additional fee).


Similar to the high school full season program, the middle school program practices 2 times per week and has 2 tournaments per month. Practices are 2 hours long and held on Mondays and Wednesdays. The positional practices are done slightly different for this age group. For middle school athletes, we encourage practicing and learning multiple positions instead of specializing exclusively in 1 position. For example, setters will learn how to serve receive pass, middle hitters will learn how to hit from a pin position/how to serve/how to serve receive pass, liberos will learn how to play all 3 back row positions, etc. 

In order to accommodate this, one week out of the month, each team will have their practices extended by half an hour to work on the player's specific needs with the entire middle school program's coaching staff.

The season runs from October to the beginning of May.


NEW FOR 2020!

This program will begin in April (after our full season program ends). We will host an open tryout to form 2-4 teams for the months of April, May and June. We will have 2 practices per week for 2 hours each. Practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

These teams will compete in 1 May tournament and end their season at the multi-day Navy Pier tournament in Downtown Chicago. 


4-6 week program (depending on time of the year) designed for elementary and middle school boys and girls (ages 8-14). The program is camp-style. We cover all volleyball skills: passing, setting, hitting, blocking, diving, serving, defense, etc. There are 2 practices per week (either 1.5 or 2 hours depending on the session/gym availability). We end each program session with an in-house tournament where the athletes can show off all of their newly acquired skills for their family and friends. The tournaments are typically 2-3 hours long. During the tournaments, the athletes also learn how to ref and keep score - furthering their knowledge of the game. We have several short season session throughout the year. 

FALL I (September/October)
FALL II (November/December)
WINTER (January/February)
SPRING I (March/April)
SPRING II (April/May)


A fun change of pace from our traditional indoor format. The beach program is set up to begin after AAU Nationals in Orlando (end of June) - typically around or after the 4th of July. We offer 2-3 practice times per week. The practices are purchased in "packs." You can choose which practices you would like to attend and tailor it to your busy summer schedule. The tournaments are purchased a la carte. We will help you register and provide you with the dates and registration links, but they are completely separate from the practices. The coaches will help prepare the athletes for the tournaments by teaching proper technique, scoring, defensive and offensive strategies, etc. 

Beach is an excellent supplement to the indoor games - especially if you are proficient in multiple skills. Beach encourages communication and movement since there are only 2 people on the court. 


During the summer, The Edge VBC offers a handful of summer camps. We do not try to compete with the High School camps, but we do offer specialized position camps to get tons of reps before fall tryouts. This past summer, we had Setting, Hitting, and Passing/Serving camps. They are 1-day camps on Saturday mornings. We keep the athlete:coach ratio at 8:1, so each athlete is able to get as much out of the camp as possible. 


New in 2019, The Edge VBC offered Saturday morning workouts and structured play. 45 minutes of volleyball specific lifts and conditioning followed by 45 minutes of coach-structured play. 


The Edge VBC offers private and group lessons by appointment. Each lesson is scheduled with the coach via email. Private lessons can be either an hour or a half hour. Partner and semi-private lessons are also available. Please note: The Edge VBC does not provide additional athletes for group lessons. If you're interested in a group lesson, you must provide your own group. 

For additional information about private & group training please visit:

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