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What to expect on tryout day

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to receive your tryout t-shirt and to check-in. Proof of USAV membership must be shown to participate in the tryout. If you are trying out for a regional team (high school girls), please specify at the check-in table.

The athletes will be put through several volleyball drills to assess skill. We will also measure vertical leap, height, and explosiveness for high school tryouts. 

We will post tryout results 2 hours after the tryouts. If your tryout number is listed, please email to accept your position.

For most age groups, we will be hosting multiple days of tryouts. We will post initial results after day 1 and final results after the last day of tryouts. If you can only attend one day of tryouts, please let the coaches know. We strongly encourage athletes to come to all tryout dates, but attending all days is not required. 

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