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How to maintain your skills during the Stay at Home Order

We are all living through something unprecedented. No one could have predicted the affect COVID-19 would have on the nation and bring our daily routines to a screeching halt. As far as our Edge community goes, the coaching staff wants to support our athletes to the best of our ability during this time. We will be sending out drill and workout suggestions daily. Please check our website and social media everyday (starting Monday, March 23) at noon to get our daily suggestion. 

Over the weekend, everyone PLEASE practice your footwork! Footwork is a crucial part of volleyball. It's the most boring thing to drill at practice, but it will elevate your level of play significantly. 

Hitters: work on that approach and transitions! Wall sits, calf raises, squat jumps, etc. Keep those lets strong!

Setters: set on a wall, keep those wrists active! Tons of footwork patterns to keep you busy. Keep practicing so they stay fresh. (perfect, perfect jump, 4-step, 4-step spin, 1-step jump spin, back off left, 4-step jump spin, etc.)

DS/Liberos: shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Add a few wall sits. Keep those legs strong! Practice rolling, collapse digging, shin down digging, etc. Continue to keep that muscle memory fresh.

We hope we can all be together again soon. Stay healthy!


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