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Motivational Monday: 1

Excerpt taken from the Basketball Hall of Fame speech of Coach George Raveling - applies to all sports. 

I believe it is impossible to overstate the "positive impact" the game of basketball has had on my life.

"The game" teaches enduring life lessons:
- You must follow a basic set of rules
- You don't win all the time, you don't lose all the time
- You learn to compete on "equal terms" with whites, blacks, asians, latinos, big/small, fast/slow, talented/less talented
- You must make personal sacrifices for the good of the group
- You must share the ball
- You learn to respect a given set of boundaries
- You must be teachable, coachable, & disciplined
- Sometimes you can win.. and still lose. Sometimes you can lose... and still win
- Finally you learn that it's not about "me" it's always about "us"

Yes, the game of basketball teaches and prepares it's participants to ultimately become winners in the biggest game they will ever participate in, the "game of life."

You can read the full speech at the link below: 

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